International Trading

SR EURO has a long history in finance and international trading established in Belgrade, Serbia 2001.

EURO NATIONAL LLC established in 2020., with the primary goal to serve clients of SR EURO worldwide in demand of higher business opportunities, and builidingĀ  stronger relations between our clients and employees.

Today for almost 20 years, SR EURO is actively trading with an extensive global network of factories, suppliers, and manufacturers around the world, with a history of 20 years of serving different clients in major European countries.

With EURO NATIONAL LLC our client network and business merging through several continents including Middle East and India, covering major cities Dubai and New Delhi.


SR EURO has vast experience in import and export transactions, automotive industry, IT softwares and components, clothes, food and other.

SR EURO offers consulting and advisory services in establishing various businesses to numerous companies and clients, bank services, business and market research, making realistic business, marketing and finance plans for different industries and executing if necessary.

SR EURO sound financial strength and its long established reputation to successfully execute difficult projects make SR EURO a sought after business and trading partner for many companies.

SR EURO and EURO NATIONAL LLC is welcoming you on three locations Europe, UAE and India – where you can contact us and find partners and cooperators in any business you are executing.